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Apple Aperture 4 – Release Date Rumors

Apple Aperture 4 – Release Date Rumors

We are tracking the latest rumors on Apple’s next release of Aperture 4.  Here is our lasted prediction on the next release date:

  • Aperture 4.0 – Expected to be released in April 2012.
  • Aperture 3.1 – The current version, released on October 20, 2010.
  • Aperture 3.0 – Released on February 9, 2010.
  • Aperture 2.0 – Released on February 12, 2008.
  • Aperture 1.0 – Released on November 30, 2005.

Aperture v.4 Wishlist

As heavy users of Aperture 3, here are some of the features that we would like to see the most in Aperture 4:

  • Capability to add multi-layered text with transition effects in slideshow.
  • File-type sort-able view in browser.
  • Add list view in browser.
  • Export sets of images as smart objects.
  • Edit EXIF data – for legacy lenses on modern cameras.
  • Allow external plug-ins for RAW conversion.
  • Tighter integration between book design and iPad functionality.
  • Better keyword management.
  • Perspective/Skew tool.
  • Copy & Paste formatted text to other book pages.

Check back soon, as we’re starting to hear things about Aperture 4 as well as the upcoming Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. What features do you want to see in the new version? Will v.4 be a bigger upgrade than the massive v.3 or a more refined update? Let us know what you would like to see in the comments below.

New Features in v.3

Aperture v.3 boasted 200 new features in their latest release. Among them are these central enhancements:

  • 64-bit application tackles gigantic files and ultra-high definition scans.
  • Non-destructive, edge-sensitive brushes apply corrections to images.
  • Faces – face recognition & detection.
  • Places – manually editable through GPS metadata and interactive map module.
  • Flickr and Facebook support.
  • New built-in adjustment presets and photographer community to provide additional presets for download.
  • Advanced slideshows.
  • Support for editing of video and audio files.

Aperture extended the functionality of photo editing and management for the Mac OS X, Intel-based computers as of v.3. It handles a wide range of post-production work for photographers including batch import and organization of image files, digital touch-up and corrective tools, slideshow creation and management and photography printing.

Key functionality of Aperture includes organization of images by keyword, face recognition, non-destructive editing of image files, working with GPS metadata to recognize places, brush effects (skin smoothing, polarization and dodge & burn) and exports to Flickr, Facebook, MobileMe and SmugMug.


The latest version of Aperture (v.3) is available both in the retail box and for less than half as much on Apple’s App Store. The App store version is only licensed for personal use, while the boxed version is licensed for commercial use.

Core Features

  • Master images (RAW or other) can import or migrate to library.
  • Image correction tools – color touch-up, spot repair and luminance edge sharpener.
  • RAW format Fine Tune – decode RAW over time and conversion parameters.
  • Chromatic aberration correction.
  • Autostacking – groups photos based on the time between shutter clicks.
  • Customized printing & publishing options.
  • Display span for large format viewing across multiple monitors.
  • Zoom Loupe (50% to 1600%).
  • Light Table workspace.
  • Extensive search and metadata indexing.
  • Simultaneous zoom & pan of multiple images.
  • Groups photos with Stacks and automatically makes working copies with Versions.
  • Supports Adobe PSD, PNG, JPEG and TIFF file formats.
  • Complete RAW image format (import, edit, export).
  • Nikon and Canon DSLRs – tethered shooting support.
  • Non-destructive editing of images.
  • Import from USB & Firewire memory card readers or direct from USB-connected camera.
  • Extensive book creation tools and customization options.
  • Full-featured full screen view allows for easy editing and sorting of images.



  • Aperture Fan

    The one thing Aperture needs to make it truly competitive with Photoshop is Layers.

  • Gewald

    Easier integration between users of Lightroom and Aperture. Would love to be able to receive or send projects to people using Lightroom. 

  • Frederik Delacourt

    I would like to see watermarking when exporting to social site (Facebook, flickr…)… Passing the geo data through Flickr would be nice. 

  • John

    Two functions that Lightroom 3 does better than Aperture are: Noise Reduction and Lens Corrections.  Aperture really needs to incorporate these improvements in Aperture 4.  I also like the way Lightroom handles sharpening by enabling you to actually see and adjust the sharpening mask.

  • John

    …and also better support for IPTC meta data.  Currently Aperture handles the legacy core items but it really needs to be consistent in handling how it reads and writes a fuller set of IPTC data.

  • Neil M

    Would be good to have multiple external editors for using different plugins too. 

  • Interested Party

    A channel mixer would be handy for IR work.

  • Jim

    Most wanted feature from a zillion different posts on this seems to be: lens distortion correction (as seen in Lightroom)

  • Steve

    I would like to see Aperture integration with the iPad – and I would be willing to pay extra for this. Specifically I would love to plug my camera into the iPad via the camera toolkit, use an Aperture app on the iPad to setup my project info, determine which photos to keep/reject, edit the metadata & geotagging, and perform some basic filters and optimizations. Then have the entire project sync with Aperture on the desktop.

  • Steve

    This would allow me to do a lot of my pre-Aperture work on the plane when returning from my photo shoots. The iPad is so much more convenient on a plane/train than a laptop.

  • Craig

    I would like to see keyboard shortcuts to bring up the clone tool on its own and the repair tool on its own as well as keyboard shortcuts to  set opacity for each brush.  I’d love to see brushes apply effects cumulatively.  All the brushes that LR 4 has at present.  Common Apple, make them eat Crow!   

  • Ben

    God this is frustrating, I wish that they’d announce that a new version is coming at some point during a particular month.

  • Photobuggy1969

    My biggest Problem with Aperture 3 was in the beginning it was really good, but over time the thing keeps crashing or locking up. I can now only edit a couple photos at a time before the software crashes or cause the OS X to crash or lock up. Hope they fix this with Aperture 4

  • Tic Tac

    - Undo doesn’t show the picture on which it is currently performing Undo… (seems to be a ‘feature’ not a bug). So you Undo three times and the last time undoes something on the previous pic without you noticing…

    - Keywords open great search opportunities. But what if I want X but NOT Y or Z? Currently the search lacks depth

    - iPad and aperture

    and I’d be happy.

  • Danny Dudek Corrigan

    It does pass geo data through already, if you enable it in web options to include them.

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